All you have to do is just grab a coffee

Web Creation

Too Simple to Explain...

Put your fav Color, template, upload some business pics into our simple Form

Grab coffee, wait few days for our initial design offer.we complete 90% at this point.

Both Pc/SP (Responsive)​ cool and stylish Website is completed.

Need AED30k at initial ? No we charge only 600 / month. no more hidden charge. 

Dubai Call Center


We Create your website with marketing view. great Homepage make value only when its being viwed by many people. so we always have view of marketing first. 


System Dev Manager

@Hari KC
Design Creator 

Marketing Manager

Levi Beauty Salon


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FX Product Introduction Site

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Yakiniku Futago 17th


F&C Inc

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Rūpe Appraisal Service

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Via Consulting

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4 Simple things 

All Simple

All you have to do is just upload your pics, Chose your color and fav template design into our simple form and its within 3min.

Our Geeks

Making Simple is not simple. our specialist also create your page with motion video, graphic design and marketing based.

All included

Always many hidden cost such as Graphic design fee, content fee, server and domain cost ? Our price is all included.

Compare !

Others offer you AED20,000 at initial and AED1000 monthly maintenance ? We offer you nothing at initial and only AED600.


Just Simple Web ?
​AED600 /mon
Vat Excluded / Min-term is 12mon
Need Functional Web ?


What is the payment method?

We accept payment through most major debit and creditcards including Visa and Mastercard. For registered members, it will be deducted automatically on 10th of each month.

Do you Issue receipts?

Yes, it can be downloaded from the members portal.

Why has my payment been rejected?

We recommend you to contact your bank to check why the payment has been rejected. Please contact us or inquiry form for member portal logged in, when you have further questions

I have an error when paying – what should I do

Please contact us to describe the error you are getting. If possible, please send us a screenshot of the error message. This can be emailed to: or from the support form in member portal logged in.


Is SEO included?

Our designs and websites are SEO friendly.

How do you decide on the design?

Choose from our templates. After that, specify the theme color, sub color, and accent color or your choice, and the design will be decided.

Can I edit it myself?

We apologize for the inconvenience, Our professionals will do it on your behalf.

Is it possible to set up a reservation system?

It is possible to create it at an additional cost. However, it is also possible to create it for free by using the services of third party companies, so we recommend this. You can use that link for reservation.

How will it be delivered?

After acquiring the domain, we will send you the working URL of the site then the delivery will be completed.

Will i get corporate emails?

Corporate emails are included free of cost, for google business or microsoft 365 are chargeable.


How do you request a correction?

Please apply from the correction request on the login page, and we will correct it within 1-3 business days.

What kind of correction can be done?

You can edit the wording, change the photo, change the link, etc. once a month. In addition, we charge an additional fee for major changes such as adding pages, so we would appreciate it if you could contact us from the inquiry on the member portal.

Registration information

Is it possible to change the domain on the way?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not support domain changes after delivery. In case adding multiple domains, please request us through the member portal.

Is it possible to increase the number of pages on the site?

Yes possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us from the inquiry on the member login page because it is a service that costs an additional fee.

Is it possible to change the site name?

Yes possible. Please contact us for monthly corrections.

What happens to the site if I cancel?

We will delete the site or hand it to the requester.

Can I cancel the contract halfway?

Yes possible. As soon as you pay for the remaining months, we will respond to the cancellation procedure as soon as possible.


TEL : 04-453-2616
ADDRESS : Levels 21, Al Habtoor Business Tower - Dubai

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